Many factors go into affect when it comes to your child's performance at school.... but now a study shows that high blood pressure may have an impact.
Researchers at the University of Rochester looked at cognitive test results from children with and without hypertension.
Those with high blood pressure got lower scores on memory, processing, and verbal skills tests -- although the differences were small.

More children with sleep issues also had hypertension ... which further affected their attention, memory, and problem solving skills.

Children with hypertension were not cognitively impaired ... but didn't perform as well as the children without hypertension.

When it comes to behavior, another new study reveals mothers are most the strict when their babies morally misbehave.
Researchers observed moms and their 14-month olds several times during one year.

The moms were more likely to use physical restraint and forceful commands when their kids hurt a pet or another child ... than any other offense.
And babies were more likely to obey their mothers ... after a moral misbehavior.

Mothers were more likely to use low-intensity discipline - like distraction, softening or compromising - when kids made a mess or risked harming themselves.

And there's more evidence that childhood experiences ... have a life-long influence on romantic relationships.
A Harvard study followed a group of men for over six decades... ranging from 20 years old to early 80's.

The interviews showed that those who grew up in caring homes were better able to manage stressful emotions during middle age -- and had more secure, happy marriages in their 80's.

(NBC Contributed)