BUFFALO, NY-- Republicans are continuing their efforts to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act with another proposal. The latest health care bill, dubbed the Graham-Cassidy health care bill after its sponsors Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, is the latest attempt from Republicans.

Republican Senator John McCain announced Friday that he won't vote for the plan.

2 On Your Side's Scott Levin talked with Republican Congressman Chris Collins about the health care bill, and several other topics.

Collins tells 2 On Your Side we have to see the health care bill in its final form, if and when it passes, to see how it would impact health care here in New York State. Collins also says, "our Governor has a 160 billion dollar budget, 60 billion just for Medicaid, 44% more than average, double many states, New York's Medicaid program is bloated, it's 90% of county property tax, so the Governor would have to step forward, this bill takes away the employer and employee mandate, companies can design for their own workforce, not one size fits all, Alabama, Texas, NY, etc... having the same program is a problem." Many people are worried that the bill will not cover pre existing conditions, but Collins says, "for any and all occasions, pre existing will be covered."

Levin also talked to Rep. Collins about other items, including his stock in Australian bio-tech company "Innate Immuno-therapeutics". Collins is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee in connection with that stock. Levin asked Collins if his legal team is gearing up for any type of legal fight?
COLLINS: "Well I've certainly had legal teams dealing with it , but I can assure you Scott that I've always followed all ethics rules, all ethics requirements ever since I went to Congress day one I've sat down with ethics to make sure my involvement in any and every instance was in full accordance with the rules. This has been a political witch hunt by Louise Slaughter the Congresswoman from Rochester. who doesn't even understand her own stock act but I can tell you on October 12'th I'm going to be exonerated of all her ridiculous charges, I have never sold a share of stock, I certainly never made a penny, in fact we all know the trial ultimately did not work out so i lost everything.

You can watch the full interview below: