BUFFALO, NY - 2 On Your Side has confirmed that a 10-year-old boy from New Canaan, CT, who visited WNY last week to play in a youth hockey tournament, has died from complications from the flu.

The CT RoughRiders hockey club says Nico Mallozzi traveled with his family on Thursday, to participate in The Cup North American Championship, and began to feel ill on the way to WNY.

"[He was] not feeling well the day before, not uncommon, lots of colds and viruses and things around wanted to go to Buffalo where his team was playing in the tournament," said Dr. David Reed the health director in New Canaan.

The hockey club says that Nico, his mother and brother stayed at the Marriott hotel in Amherst. Reed says Nico was taken to Children's Hospital to have a flu test.

"They obviously did a flu test, we have flu tests that are immediate and he turned a positive for [Influenza] B," Reed said.

The team manager says doctors told Nico to take Tylenol, drink fluids and get some rest. The team says Nico never had any contact with anyone at any hockey rinks and left WNY.

David Reed, the New Canaan health director tells 2 On Your Side that Nico's mom took him to a hospital in the Catskills, where he died. Reed says the flu led to complications of pneumonia and then to sepsis.

The school superintendent at New Canann says Nico passed away Sunday.

2 On Your Side hasn't received results of the autopsy.

Dr. Reed says he doesn't know if Nico had been vaccinated or what his medical history is. Meantime, the Marriott in Amherst says it has sanitized the floor the team stayed on.