Often times,diagnosing alzheimer's can be extremely difficult, especially where women are concerned since they often receive late diagnosis... but now researchers may know why... it could be due to their exceptional verbal skills.
A study out of the University of California gathered small groups of people varying in cognitive impairment issues to no memory problems at all.
They were put through verbal memory skill testing and pet brain scans to measure how well their brains metabolized glucose.
The test only diagnosed women when they had advanced brain metabolism problems. otherwise it would go undetected.
Experts say if the findings are confirmed, adjusting memory tests could aid in helping women become diagnosed with alzheimers sooner.

Older adults who have a history of becoming light-headed or dizzy could be at risk for developing long-term dementia.
Researchers from the Netherlands gathered a large group of adults over 55 who had experienced episodes of low blood pressure, or orthostatic hypotension, shortly after standing up... and followed them for over two decades.
They discovered those that recovered rather quickly by an increase in heart activity, had an increased risk of dementia by 15 percent.
However, study participants who had limited or no recovery from the low blood pressure had a 40 percent increased risk of dementia.

There's also a tremendous financial burden placed on caregivers.
The Alzheimer's Association reports many cut back on basic necessities, like groceries or their own healthcare, to pay for the patient's care... often times they dip into savings accounts and retirement funds to pay as much as 5-thousand dollars a year.
Experts say the time is now -- long before a possible diagnosis -- to prepare financially... find out if you have the right insurance, and what Medicare and Medicaid does and does not pay for.
And get this... an estimated 5.4 million Americans have alzheimer's disease rights... and that's number expected to grow enormously in the coming decades.

(NBC Contributed)