HAMBURG, N.Y. – An elderly homeowner and a local realtor are thankful the Town of Hamburg turned a wrong into a right.

Neighbors witnessed one plow driver in Hamburg dump several feet of snow in an elderly woman's Niles Avenue driveway on Thursday night, but it turns out it was somewhat of a mistake.

Carmen Ardito is trying to sell her home.

There were showings scheduled for Saturday, and there was supposed to be an open house Sunday.

Realtor Frank Sandor called the Town of Hamburg to get this fixed Friday, yet when he came to check on it Saturday, someone had only dumped rock salt on the snow rather than actually plowing it.

Concerned about the open house, and trying to help Ardito from having to pay for a private plow, Sandor started shoveling himself.

"I was really hoping that the town, they sounded sincere about it, was going to be here and have this addressed, and I was shocked when I found out it wasn't,” he told Channel 2 on Saturday afternoon.

Channel 2 called Hamburg Highway Superintendent Tom Best shortly after that conversation, and within the hour, the deputy highway superintendent showed up to make things right.

Best initially thought the homeowner was confusing dumped snow with the typical plow swipe that can pack snow at the edge of driveway.

However, he called one of the plow drivers who admitted what happened.

That driver, according to Best, got stuck in a ditch at the house, and when another truck came to pull it out, he left all the snow in the driveway. Best says the driver incorrectly thought it was a vacant home, even though there's a current "for sale" sign listing Sunday’s open house on the property.

The deputy highway superintendent came to apologize Saturday evening and ending up taking care of the whole driveway, and one of the neighbors offered to snow blow the walkway for Ms. Ardito later on.

Ethical disclaimer: WGRZ first learned about the plow error because Ms. Ardito is a relative of a Channel 2 employee.