BUFFALO, N. Y. - A Buffalo woman is filing a civil rights complaint against the city of Buffalo. The Cloverdale Avenue woman claims that once she spoke out publicly about police checkpoints in the city she was retaliated against by a Buffalo police officer.

The civil rights lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court seeks monetary damages. There is also a call for a change and practices within the Buffalo Police Department.

SUNY Buffalo and Cornell Law schools faculty and students put together a report based on two years of research. They found patterns of what they call "systematic illegal policing tactics in minority communities" since the city adopted a zero tolerance campaign.

Anjana Malhotra, co-author of the study said "the city took a page from Rudy Giuliani's broken windows campaign in New York City. The techniques have been ruled unconstitutional."

After the study the group wants the New York State Attorney General to look at this and investigate the Buffalo police department. They want the AG to see whether the allegations are true and if in fact Buffalo does engage in unconstitutional stop and frisk and other police practices that are's considered troubling in the cities minority communities.

Michael J. DeGeorge, spokesperson for the City of Buffalo said "the City has not seen the claim but any allegation of discrimination is completely false."