BUFFALO, N.Y. - The Buffalo School Board met for the last time Tuesday during the 2016-17 school year, just two days before Carl Paladino will appear in Albany for a removal hearing in front of the state education commissioner.

Paladino did not attend Wednesday night's meeting.

However, a vocal group of his opponents showed up to the meeting wearing "#CanCarl" shirts, and many of them took to the podium to voice their displeasure with Paladino's conduct. While most of them objected to Paladino's comments about the Obama family -- which many viewed as racist when they were published in Artvoice in December -- at least one speaker also objected to his comments about the teachers' contract negotiations.

Those comments, also published in Artvoice, are the basis of six school board members' petition to remove him from office. They argue that he illegally revealed confidential information from executive session about those negotiations.

Paladino has filed a federal lawsuit against those six members, alleging they violated his right to free speech by "retaliating" against him.

The six school board members proposed hiring legal counsel Frank Miller to defend themselves against that suit.

Miller is the lawyer representing them in Paladino's removal hearing on Thursday.