GASPORT, NY – Two residents of the Absolut Care nursing home chose Valentine ’s Day to get married, to the delight of friends, family, and fellow residents of the Lincoln Avenue facility.

Staff told WGRZ-TV they can’t recall another wedding here, as they busily decorated the dining room which would serve as a reception hall for the happy couple.

A justice of the peace performed the ceremony uniting John Cull, 91, and Nancy LaForme, 78.

The couple, who serve as President and Vice President respectively of the facility’s Resident Council, announced their engagement just after Christmas.

“If you love someone, then you love them. It doesn't matter about the age," said Mr. Cull, who along with his wife moved into the same room just after their engagement.

“Our love for each other evolved slowly, and we liked doing the same things and had the same interests,” said Mr. Cull. “We just grew naturally together.”

Mrs. Cull, the former Nancy LaForme, said she was “quite surprised” when her husband popped the question.

“I thought he was joking at first….because we always joke around. So I told him, ‘well I don’t have anything better to do around here, so sure’,” she recalled, while making a joke of her own.

“I realized a bit later that he was serious,” she said.

During a ceremony held in a room not far from theirs, Mr. Cull told Mrs. Cull, “the only thing I can promise is to be good to you," moments before the Justice of the Peace pronounced them man and wife.

Mr. Cull was widowed 20 years ago, never had children. His wife, who was also widowed, has five.

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