BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The father of Buffalo's latest homicide victim is grieving the loss of a child to violence for the third time in his life.

Charles Murray's 25-year-old son was killed in South Buffalo last weekend. Murray says his son, Calvin Williams, was in the process of getting his life back on track when someone shot him.

"He had just signed up for Bryant and Stratton and [was] ready to look forward to starting school, and getting his life back together," says Murray.

For Murray, losing a child to violence is something he's been through before. His son Devonte Murray was killed ten years ago when he was just 15.

"He was basically coming out of a store, and there was robbery, or whatever the case may be, and he just happened to catch, be the one that caught the bullet, him and another youth," says Murray.

And Murray's step-daughter, Lonnice Willis, died almost four years ago when another woman stabbed her.

"When it's a continuous thing and I'm reliving the situation, I don't know what else I can do, I mean, my family, I mean, it's just not only my family, but reading the papers and listening to the news and seeing other families going through the same situation, it's just being relived on a daily basis, so there's no healing time," Murray says. "I have my good days, I have my bad days, but they say time heals all wounds, losing your kids, there's no healing from that."

Murray says his remaining children, and the at-risk youth he works with, are his inspiration to push forward in life.

"It's never going to get better, but I feel a little bit better helping somebody else. That's what I live for. The kids I work with and my four kids," says Murray.

Thursday would have been Calvin's 26th birthday. There is a vigil planned for Thursday night at six o'clock for Calvin at South Division and Smith Street at a playground where he used to play as a child.