BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The family of a victim in a deadly hit and run is pleading for the driver of the SUV that killed their loved one to come forward.

Arthur Redrick was killed last month while crossing Bailey Avenue in Buffalo, and while police found the SUV that hit him, there have been no arrests.

The driver of the SUV hit and killed Redrick, 60, on May 26. And while Buffalo Police found the SUV a week later, they have yet to make any arrests.

"We want closure. We want to know what happened. We know my brother was killed by a hit and run, but we want to know why he was left there on the road," says Linda Redrick.

Arthur's sister, Linda, and his niece Tanika would like the driver who killed Redrick to turn himself or herself in.

"We want someone in custody. This person who this vehicle is registered to is an accomplice after the fact. She, he, whoever, knew that their car was on the news, knew that their car was in an accident, did not report the car, did not report the accident," says Tanika Lucas.

"To see my brother laying there in the street from the video, it's so hard to…" says Linda Redrick.

“It just hurts. It hurts to see them hurt," says Lucas.

Buffalo Police told us last week that the investigation is still underway and they're working with the Erie County District Attorney's office. Police also told us they were waiting on forensic test results.

But all of that waiting, has this family very frustrated.

"They stole something from us and they had no right to do it. If it was an accident, that's one thing, but you left the scene, and you murdered somebody, and you did not care," says Lucas.

Buffalo Police say they are continuing their investigation, and there is no new information at this time.