CHEEKTOWAGA, NY -There's a pretty simple reason, as to why the water backed up into some yards along Como Park Boulevard near Borden Road, according to Erie County Deputy Commissioner of Public Works William Geary.

“It was the amount of rainfall we received in a short period of time,” said Geary. “Getting a record a rainfall like we did yesterday and through the night, with an inch and a quarter of rain, that’s the root of the problem.”

However, according to one resident of a home near which the water crept perilously close and began seeping into the basement, this is not the first time he and his neighbors have had problems.

The man, who wished not to be identified publicly, suspects there’s a problem with the storm sewer pipe in front of his home because he noticed water actually bubbling up from a nearby receptor instead of draining.

Geary said it is possible that the 12 inch pipe, which is designed to handle a “normal” amount of runoff from the road, may have become blocked and promised that crews will be investigation as early as next week.

"We're not gonna automatically say it's not our problem…we will investigate it,” said Geary, adding that if a blockage is detected crews will likely use a “sewer jet” to address it.

Geary described the device as a high pressure hose capable of dislodging obstructions which might be inside the pipe, and possibly cause it to run slow.

“But we have to wait for the water to subside in order to get out and do a thorough investigation of that entire system," Geary said.