MIDDLEPORT, NY - The living room of the Arnold residence, on a rural road outside of this small Niagara County village, was the scene of some zany antics on Tuesday evening, courtesy of the Ellen DeGeneres show, which came to surprise and salute Dawn Arnold.

The portion of the show taped at the Arnold’s home aired Wednesday afternoon on WGRZ-TV.

Arnold is a wife and mother of two college age sons, and a kindergarten teacher at Albion's Sodoma Elementary School.

She also a breast cancer survivor, who was diagnosed on September 11, 2014.

Always a big fan of Ellen’s, her show became even more important to Dawn when she was battling cancer.

"After my surgeries and during my chemotherapy treatment I would watch her every day, and I just realized every day that for that hour I wouldn’t think about what I was going through. I wasn’t thinking about the physical pain or the emotional problems," said Arnold.

She even e-mailed DeGeneres, just to tell her that.

"There was a box on her web site where it said you could send a message, and I just reached out to her and said that for that every day, I just couldn’t wait for her show to come on because I could smile and laugh and not think about what was going through. I shared with her that she was a bright spot in my days, and she made the dark days a lot easier and happier," Arnold said.

That was almost two years ago, but apparently DeGeneres not only saw the e-mail, but didn’t forget it.

On Tuesday evening under the cover of darkness, Ellen’s crew appeared at the door of the Arnold residence.

Because the satellite truck they were using would stick out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood, they even took steps to park it down the road and around a bend. They then proceeded to drag a cable, the length of five football fields, up the road and to the Arnold’s home.

The family was taken completely by surprise.

“I certainly didn’t know there was going to be a bright light on my lawn and that they were going to be in my house!” Arnold exclaimed with a laugh.

During the segment, The Ellen DeGeneres show presented Arnold with $10,000 which Arnold said the family will use to help pay off the student loans incurred by their sons.

The family will also be flown to California at a future date, to be in the audience during one of DeGeneres’ now famous “12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Shows.”

“That will be just a huge thrill and such a big, big thing,” Arnold said.

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