BUFFALO, NY-- People across the state head to the polls to vote on their school district's budget today.

The voters in two local districts, East Aurora and Maryvale, will have a tougher decision. Not only are deep cuts being discussed, but these districts will need a super majority, or 60 percent, of the vote for their budgets to pass, because the proposals exceed the tax cap.

In Maryvale, if the budget does not pass, they will have to cut six teachers, clubs, modified sports and some art programs.

The situations is a little different in East Aurora, where they have a large budget gap to fill. So, in addition to exceeding the tax cap, the budget also cuts 10 teaching positions, increases class size, and cuts core and elective programs. East Aurora says a depleted fund balance, increases in transportation costs and decreases in state aid are to blame.

Polls are open until 9pm.