If you had a library renovation plan with a $500,000 budget, what would you build?

For Buffalo Promise Neighborhood, their answer to that question will be unveiled at 3:00 on Wednesday afternoon, from the Westminster Community Charter School Library.

Sure, the 80-year-old, two-story building received a facelift of sorts, with 24 desktop computers, hundreds of new books, audio visual materials, and more room to read and work, the educational opportunities will promote a comfortable environment for students who jump back into school in September.

Glenn Jackson, COO of Buffalo Promise Neighborhood in partnership with M&T Bank, said one of the biggest pluses to the new program is its emphasis on education and coaching for parents.

"We’ll have students working here in a traditional sense,” said Jackson.” And side by side we'll have parents that are getting coached up around career and financial stability as well."

It’s a bit of a precursor, Jackson said, to plans that are already in place for a new pre-school in the immediate future; but for Wednesday, he’s focused on celebrating a new facility to promote literacy, education, and training for Buffalo’s East side.

The presentation is set to begin at 3:00 pm at 24 Westminster.