Buffalo mom, Kiarre Harris, is separated from her two kids after she says she chose to home school them.

On Friday, the District Parent Coordinating Council for Buffalo Schools held a press conference to discuss their plan to rally behind Harris.

Harris, unhappy with the education her two elementary school students were getting from Buffalo Schools, filed to home school in December.

Harris said she filed the intent at Buffalo City Hall on December 7. A copy of the intent shows a received stamp matching that date.

Harris said she was told her kids were then officially no longer enrolled.

But Harris said a week later, CPS was calling to see why her kids were not in school.

And about a month later, CPS and police were at her door to take her kids.

"This is extremely traumatic," Harris said. "The worst thing I've ever been through. I had tried several different schools and most of them were failing schools and I felt like the education system was failing my children."

Harris said her kids were taken and she was arrested for obstruction in the process.

The kids are currently in foster care and she has not seen them for about a month.

She was in family court Thursday where the judge said her kids were taken because of "educational neglect".

For now, she will get two hours a week them.

The district released this statement regarding the case:

"In response to allegations that the Buffalo Public Schools improperly processed home schooling paperwork for a parent, the District asserts that those claims are inaccurate. After investigation, it is clear that Child Protective Services was contacted prior to the district receiving a Letter of Intent from the parent to home school her children."