7th and 8th graders from Cleveland Hill Middle School are headed to Albany Thursday. They will be taking over the floor of the assembly to present bills they wrote themselves.

Senator Tim Kennedy stopped in at the school Wednesday to get the kids ready with first-hand advice.

The bills these kids have been working on are based on things they feel passionate about.

Their bill ideas include making election day a New York State holiday and renaming Columbus Day as Indigenous People's Day.

"It's a very awesome thing to be exposed to this at a very young age because now most people don't learn about this in the classes like specifically, so learning about this at such a young age is a once-in-a-life-time experience and it will really help us in the future," Maria, a 7th grader, said.

This is an after-school program through "New York Youth and Government".

The teacher said that these students have been working for weeks on their bills.

The Cleveland Hill middle schoolers are the only students from the 716 area code participating.

They leave Thursday morning and will arrive home Saturday.