GOWANDA, NY-- Some students at Gowanda Central Schools are experimenting with some new seating options.

It's called-- flexible seating.

Instead of the traditional set-up, with desks facing a whiteboard at the front of the class, there are different seating options, with the teacher moving and teaching in the middle of it all.

From couches- to stability balls- there's even a desk with bike pedals.

So far, the kids love it.

The Director of Curriculum, Paula Troutman- who designed the classrooms, tells 2 On Your Side the $12,000 investment is both ergonomic and educational. She says research shows allowing them to move around is healthy and keeps them engaged.

"To me, it's awesome. I mean, this is what I had envisioned. They are happy to be here, they're loving it. I think you see a comfort in them where they relax and I think learn at a deeper level," says Troutman.

Right now, Gowanda has four classrooms set up for flexible seating; one elementary class, two middle school classes and one high school class.

The Gowanda Superintendent says that if this goes over well with the students and teachers-- they plan to re-do more classrooms. They hope to make the decision on additional flexible seating makeovers by January.