BUFFALO, NY – Members of the Buffalo’s school board have a busy week ahead of them just as school starts, in order to meet a deadline to replace Carl Paladino on the Board of Education.

Paladino, who was first elected in 2013 to serve as the Park District board member, was removed from his post by the State Education Commissioner, who determined he willfully shared confidential information about board matters.

As of Friday's 4pm deadline, 19 people had applied to be considered by the board for appointment.

Those who submit letters of intent will first be vetted by the Erie County Board of Elections, which will make sure the candidates meet the criteria to run, including that:

  • They have been a resident of Buffalo for at least three (3) years
  • Have lived in the Park District for at least the past year
  • That they are U.S. Citizens
  • And that they have no felony convictions.

Those who pass muster, will be invited to be appear before by the school board during interview sessions scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday.

We are being told those interviews will be open to the public.

However, as far who's submitted their names, the board is not making that public right now—saying it wants to first make sure the candidates are eligible.

Three people have made their intention to be considered known to WGRZ-TV.

They are Kevin Lafferty, a member of the District Parent Coordinating Council, Carolette Meadows, who describes herself as a community activist and Austin Harig, who ran against Paladino in 2016 and narrowly lost.

The board's intent is to have a new member sworn in by September 13th, in order to meet the 30 day deadline it has to appoint someone following Paladino's ouster, which occurred on August 17.

If they don't act in time, Mayor Byron Brown is empowered to appoint a new board member instead.

There is also the potential of legal action that could put the whole process askew, however, with Paladino’s attorney previously stating his intent to appeal Paladino’s removal.