BUFFALO, N.Y. – Many of our viewers continue to send us questions regarding Monday’s solar eclipse. The following questions we answer are ones that we either had not answered yet or are so popular they bear repeating.

1.) Can welding glass be used to view the solar eclipse?

  • According to NASA, that depends on the shade. They say goggle or helmet glasses, need to, at minimum, be a shade 12. The higher the shade, the safer; anything less than 12 is not safe for viewing. We got our information to answer this question here.

2.) What will the eclipse look like here in Western New York?

  • A neat tool on nasa.gov called “NASA's eyes” lets you pinpoint anywhere in the world and then shows you what you can expect to see for the eclipse Monday. Buffalo falls north of the totality line, so the Southern Tier can expect about a 75 percent eclipse, the rest of us about 72 percent.

3.) How will the eclipse affect the temperature?

  • Storm Team 2 says the temperature change in Western New York will be very subtle and possibly not even noticeable compared to areas in the path of totality. Buffalo may see a temperature drop of a couple of degrees, whereas the 14 states the total eclipse will pass through could see a temperature drop of between 5 and 20 degrees.

4.) Does my dog need eye protection, too?

  • No. Most animal behavior experts say animals will likely know by instinct not to stare at the sun. However, the sudden darkness may confuse them. Several veterinarians say you may notice a nervous behavior from your pet.

5.) Where can I get those safe viewing glasses?

  • Local chains have sold out. Online, you can still order from eclipseglasses.com, but they're requiring you to buy a minimum of 50, and then the overnight cost of shipping brings this option to a whopping total of $250. Your best bet at this point is attending one of the local viewing events. The Buffalo Museum of Science, Buff State's planetarium, and Penn Dixie Nature Reserve all have a limited number to give out for free on Monday.