BUFFALO, NY - There's an alert about the latest scam that's making its way across the state, and this one is aimed at drivers. The scam involves a deceptive letter to renew or extend their warranty.

"This is purely a scam," said Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs -- one that tries to lure you with a letter in the mail. It looks real, but is fake.

You're told to act immediately, by calling an 877 number, dip into your bank account and extend the factory warranty on your vehicle. But there's a problem, the letter says it's from the "motor vehicle division" -- that's a red flag.

"A made up name, made up icon logo, but it just looks official," Jacobs said.

11:49 would the dmv or would the state ever inform a driver or a resident or a motorist that they're warranty is expiring, no it would not 12:00

The letter is addressed to you and gives a vehicle code.

A vague description of the vehicle is given, just listing the make, no model or color is listed. Our news partners at the Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester have reported on a growing issue -- personal information like addresses and birth dates of drivers entering state databases and at times, that information is shared with outside parties.

"Once it leaves control of the state and is sold into the private marketplace and then, is subject to resale and resale for that matter it certainly is difficult to be sure it's always used legitimately," Jacobs said.

It's unclear how information for this solicitation has been obtained.

"If someone is soliciting you in such a deceptive way, I'd be highly suspect whether the product inevitably you get would be a good one," Jacobs said.

The county clerk's office says the letters have appeared in other parts of the state and so far, no one in WNY has reported getting this letter. It's unclear how many people have been solicited across the state and whether anyone has actually been scammed.

If anyone gets the letter they should call the county clerk's office: 858-8866.

They may also want to check their warranty and see when it expires.