BUFFALO, NY – A local dentist is behind an ad appearing on local television, including Channel 2, which supports preserving Rt.198 as an expressway through the city.

The ten second ad directs viewers to a web site, which explains more about why Dr. Bernard Kolber thinks the NYS DOT needs to listen to the motorists who use the Scajaquada, as well as neighborhood groups who have organized to have it torn out, and replaced by a boulevard.

“I just thought strongly enough that somebody needs to represent the users of the road," Dr. Kolber told WGRZ-TV.

"According to the DOT, there are 35,000 drivers on that road on an average day yet, if you look at the stakeholders groups, the only one representing to any degree the drivers is the AAA, and I don’t think they have any interest in this,” said Kolber, who politely declined to say how much of his own money he spent on creating the web site and airing the commercials.

He also asserts the whole Scajaquada movement has been politicized.

Indeed the tragedy that sparked it, the death of a small child run over by a car that left the expressway and entered Delaware Park in 2015, prompted Governor Cuomo to make the unusual move of unilaterally lowering the road's speed limit (from 50 to 30 mph), without waiting for facts that would eventually show speed had nothing to do with the tragedy.

“I think this all needs to be looked at as objectively as possible,” Dr. Kolber said.