Governor Andrew Cuomo made a quick stop in Buffalo Tuesday to repeat his pitch that the state university system should become tuition-free for in-state residents.

Cuomo's sales pitch was made to a very friendly audience at Buffalo State College, which punctuated the speech with applause and cheers.

The Governor said he saw the idea as a natural extension of the state's education system.

"We paid for high school," he said, "because we said it was in our collective best interest because we needed a high school education to move an economy. Now, we know you need a college education to move an economy and that’s why this state wants it be the first state to move towards free college tuition.”

Cuomo insists the additional cost of making SUNY tuition-free is $168-million, but he offered no details on where that number came from.

And after the event, the Governor did not take question from local reporters about his ambitious plan for SUNY.