BUFFALO, NY -- On an unusually warm Monday evening in late September, Hamburg's Melanie Bunch welcomed guests to the upstairs lounge at Big Ditch Brewery in downtown Buffalo. The occasion was the launch of her pet project that had been over a year in the making: "The Book Fairy".

"The Book Fairy", is a combination of a book and a doll that is designed to encourage children to read. The doll has a dress which lights up, either steady or flickering, to signal that it's time to pick up a book. Melanie says she was inspired by a desire to cultivate a love of books and reading with the younger generation, but also by a very special person.

"I drew inspiration from my cousin Dawn," Melanie explained, "who was the Principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and when she was Principal, she would walk the halls and dress as the Sandy Hook book fairy, and she would twinkle and sparkle and tap kids on the head and grant them extra reading time, and I thought, "Everyone needs a book fairy."

"Let's stop literacy in it's tracks," she continued, "and let's do something about it."

Of course, the production process takes money, and to that end Melanie says you can contribute through "The Book Fairy"'s Indegogo page at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/introducing-the-book-fairy-books#/

If everything goes well, she hopes to have the finished product on shelves sometime in the Spring.