Detectives from Jacksonville and West Virginia are working together to investigate the death of a Jacksonville child. The child's body was found near a wrecked car in West Virginia on Sunday, according to The Pocahontas Times.

The 11-year-old child's mother, Erica Newsome of Jacksonville, Florida, lost control and wrecked the car around 11 a.m. on Sunday, The Pocahontas Times said. The accident happened near Thornwood, which is about a mile and a half inside the West Virginia state line.

The Pocahontas Times reported that a couple from New York City said they saw Newsome, 37, remove a body from the vehicle and drag it over the hill.

West Virginia State Police Sergeant Herby Barlow said Newsome and the body of her 11-year-old daughter were found on a road that was about 150 feet over a nearby embankment.

“It was obvious that the 11-year-old did not die from injuries from the accident,” Barlow said. “Her injuries were non-motor vehicle injuries.”

According to the Pocahontas Times, Newsome told detectives that she had killed her daughter and was abusive to her.

The West Virginia MetroNews said investigators determined that the child was killed in Jacksonville and then loaded into Newsome's car.

"Newsome stated that she had picked her daughter up from her bed and put her in her truck on Friday, August 4, and she did not move, eat, drink, speak or use the restroom for two days – the time span of the drive from Jacksonville, Florida to the scene of the accident," according to the Pocahontas Times.

Barlow told WV Metronews that the two were headed to Buffalo.

Jacksonville authorities went to Newsome’s house and found evidence of the crime there, according to the West Virginia MetroNews.

Newsome was charged with concealment of a deceased body and her bond was set at $50,000, according to the Pocahontas Times.

First Coast News contacted the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office for more information about the case.