BUFFALO, N.Y. - Debra Arno, formerly of Amherst, has been sentenced to time served after she was convicted of solicitation of interstate murder for hire against her ex-husband and his current wife.

In May of 2015, Kenmore Police were tipped about this murder for hire and acted quickly. In association with the East Aurora Police Department, officials were able to identify and notify the victims.

Lauren Frye, the woman who was hired by Arno to perform the hit, had a search of her home executed by police.

Inside Frye’s residence police found multiple letters, photos of the intended victims, a diagram of their residence and a schedule of their activities.

Inside one of the letters, from Arno to Frye, it disclosed payment information and a description of who is inside the residence:

“I am enclosing $6000. I will give you an additional $14,000 upon completion. A total of $20,000. A man, his description and address enclosed, is to be eliminated or hurt. He lives with 2 other people. Both expendable (if there is an accident).”

Police also found 2 cell phones, which contained extensive text messages, and 3 shotguns.

Arno was sentenced to serve 21 months in prison and Frye was sentenced to 18 months.