“Jason Aldean’s one of my favorites.”

And Salvatore Mallia Jr., a Buffalo ex-pat living in Las Vegas, was interested in seeing Aldean perform Sunday at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival at Mandalay Bay Casino. But he got another offer.

"I got a phone call from a very good friend of mine. He said to come over to a different Vegas venue to listen to some Hawaiian music and we kind of ended up going that way instead."

By virtue of that late invite, Mallia was a mile away when the bullets started raining down on the crowd at the Aldean concert. The carnage is horrific. At least 59 people are dead. Another are 527 injured.

David Dunn and Marianne Randon might have been at the Mandalay Bay property last night, too. The couple, originally from WNY now living in Maryland, was at the casino Saturday night. But Sunday was an early start, to catch the Bills game on television.

"The Bills’ game is on at ten in the morning. So, we were already partaking at 9:30 in the morning and we were just done by evening," said Randon.

The couple called it quits early, went back to a friend's home where they were staying. Hours later, they heard the recurring wail of ambulance sirens fading as they sped downtown.

There are so far no reports of anyone from WNY killed or injured in the shooting, but there appears to be a close call. A woman calling into the WYRK morning show said she heard from a girlfriend at the Aldean concert. The female caller only known as Toni said, "She said that she hid under and air conditioning unit and the man next to her got shot in the head and died next to her.”

2 On-Your-Side has not yet been able to independently verify the woman's story.