NEW YORK - An arrest warrant has been issued for a WNY man who was accused of scheming to defraud Facebook and company CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Back in 2012, Paul Ceglia, from Wellsville, Allegheny County made national headlines. He was accused of fabricating documents, contracts and emails -- to support his claim that he owns half of Facebook and should have profited from the company's enormous popularity.

A warrant for Ceglia's arrest on wire fraud charges was issued Sunday. According to the warrant, Ceglia removed his bracelet and fled his home with his wife, two children and the family dog.

A law enforcement source briefed on the matter tells CNBC the Paul Ceglia manufactured a device to connect to his ankle monitor to give the impression that he was still wearing it.

Ceglia's attorney says his client is innocent and had a legitimate agreement with Zuckerberg.

"What my client says is that the contract that was drafted also include services for him and services regarding the now-known Facebook," said attorney Robert Ross Fogg.

Ceglia is scheduled to go on trial on the charges in two months. The judge overseeing the case has been updated on Ceglia's disappearance.

"He had been notified that Ceglia circumvented, that was the word he used, circumvented his ankle bracelet and vacated his home," said Jim Forkin of CNBC.

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Fogg says he doesn't know where Ceglia is and that the last time he heard from Ceglia was last week through email.

2 On Your Side has learned that back in 2012, after Ceglia's arrest, prosecutors believed Ceglia was a flight risk.

Court documents say Ceglia had duel citizenship in the U.S. and Ireland, where Ceglia owned properties. Prosecutors said in 2012, during a forensic investigation of Ceglia's computers, investigators found "[...] evidence of modification of a New York State license on his computer and the generation of an actual counterfeit $100 bill." Ceglia was ordered to surrender U.S. and Irish travel documents.

On Tuesday, a judge revoked Ceglia's bail, which was being supported by real estate put up by his family members. A court hearing has been scheduled later this month on this issue. It's unclear if there was any foul play involved in removing the ankle monitor. If there was none, and it's found that Ceglia fled on purpose, he could face more charges.

If you have any information on Ceglia's whereabouts, you're asked to contact the US Marshals at: 800-336-0102. You can also submit a tip online at: