CUBA, N.Y. - Three Allegany County high school students are involved in an ongoing investigation about a conversation they had, which ultimately led to a lockdown Friday at Cuba's combined middle school and high school building.

Two of those Cuba-Rushford High School students have since been charged with making a terroristic threat, one of whom is also charged with possession of an illegal weapon. The third student has not been charged with anything at this time.

The school went into lockdown last Friday, January 27, where students were kept in classrooms. Superintendent Carlos Gildemeister said the lockdown lasted from about 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Gildemeister said no bombs, guns, or grenades were found in the school. Cuba police officers checked ever locker during the lockdown, and police dogs also searched the halls.

Regarding a weapon that was found, Police Chief Dustin Burch could not comment on where it was found or what exactly it was.

Parents were upset that they were not formal informed of the lockdown until after it was over. Gildemeister said robo-calls started less than 10 minutes after the lockdown ended, and the district webpage posted a statement as well. Still parents were upset that there wasn't a way to be informed sooner.

"I'm a parent. And it is an emotional situation, it causes anxiety, but we as a district are entrusted with 920 students, and I want to reaffirm to parents that we have procedures in place," Gildemesiter said.

Parents also took issue with the absence of a school resource officer, which the district has not had for some time. Right now, Cuba officers go back-and-forth between schools to have a presence. Gildemeister says he will make it a priority to hire a part-time resource officer soon.

The three students of concern are not in school at this time, but the superintendent would not comment on whether or not they may return in the future. Their names are not being released due to their age. Burch said their case will likely be taken up in Allegany County court.