NEWSTEAD, N.Y.-- Two people were arrested Wednesday on drug related charges after they crashed a vehicle into a utility pole in the Town of Newstead, according to the Erie County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Tim Howard says two deputies were responding to a crash on Crittenden Road around 11:20 p.m., when they discovered the driver, Alisha Mehl, 22 of Lancaster, had an outstanding warrant and three suspensions on her license.

They also found Mehl's passenger, Seth Esskuchen, 26, of Depew, had an disclosed amount of heroin and marijuana on them.

Mehl was sent to Erie County Medical Center to be treated for injuries she got during the crash. She faces a charge for driving without a license.

Esskuchen was released, but will need to appear in court at an undisclosed date.

Both suspects were charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.