KENMORE, NY-- A Village of Kenmore resident got an unpleasant surprise when he went out to his car Thursday morning.

Resident Roman Polyachenko shared photos of his red, Honda Civic missing all four of its tires. The vehicle was sitting on blocks in his driveway when he woke up Thursday morning. Luckily he says his insurance is covering most of the costs. He also says it not just the loss of the tires that bothers him, but it's the feeling that people's belongings are being disrespected and stolen in his neighborhood.

"Ultimately, it was just like a sickening feeling" said Polyachenko. "Like, a feeling of violation. It just didn't feel like this stuff happens in Kenmore. It's Kenmore. It's such a nice town, and it's always been a nice town."

Kenmore Police say they are investigating at least two reports of tire thefts in the village involving Honda vehicles. They say the tire thefts are part of a trend across the country.

If you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood, you should contact your local police department.