NIAGARA FALLS, NY-- An Ohio man, whose girlfriend's body was found in his trunk in a Niagara Falls parking lot, will be sent back to Ohio to face murder charges.

Niagara County District Attorney Caroline A. Wojtaszek says JeShawn Elliott will be sent to Youngstown,Ohio to face charges in the August homicide.

Niagara Falls Police responded to a 911 call on August 9 and found the victim's body in Elliott's trunk. Investigators believe the victim was killed in Ohio, and that is why Elliott is being sent back.

"This murder involves Youngstown, Ohio citizens and the family of the victim expected to see the case back there. They want to follow the prosecution of the defendant and show their love and support for the victim. Once we obtained evidence that the murder took place in Youngstown, Ohio, we were comfortable that jurisdiction would not be an issue in the court. We will continue to assist with the prosecution of this case to ensure that justice is done for the victim and the family," Wojtaszek said in a released statement.

Investigators are still looking into how to proceed in the charges pending against Elliott for alleged threats to police in Niagara Falls. Police say Elliott lunged at officers with a knife before police used a taser to restrain him.