BUFFALO, N.Y. - Rachel Stewart is disturbed about words spray painted on her vehicle by vandals. The N-word was written twice and on the back, the name Trump, referring to the President.

Stewart doesn't know why someone would do such a thing. Since she's lived on Stewart Avenue off of Walden Avenue in the city, she hasn't had any problems.

"I'm being targeted or they just want everybody to know they like Trump and they don't want any Black people on this street, because this is predominantly Black," she told 2 On Your Side Reporter Claudine Ewing.

She discovered the vandalism when she was preparing to leave for work..

The words were painted on the hood and side doors in black and pink with a sad face. The charcoal PT Cruiser was deemed a total loss by the insurance company, according to Stewart.

A police report was filed. Stewart would like to see city surveillance cameras not just on corners, but in the middle of a block to capture bad behavior.