ERIE, PA. - Police confirm Steve Stephens, the suspected Ohio shooter, was found dead in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania State Police say Steve Stephens was spotted Tuesday morning in Erie County, PA. They say Stephens shot and killed himself following a brief pursuit by police.

Police in Pennsylvania received a tip just after 11 a.m. that Stephens' vehicle was seen in a McDonald's parking lot near the city of Erie, Pa., according to Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.

Stephens fled in his vehicle, but was stopped after as short chase.

As officers approached the vehicle, Steve Stephens, "took his own life," Williams said.

The incident is still under investigation.

"We are in the early stages of this," Williams said.

Almost 400 tips were called in, Williams said, emphasizing the important role the public played in helping to locate Stephens. He also thanked the dozens of police officers around the country who were involved.

Pennsylvania State Police locate Steve Stephens in Erie, Pa.  Police say Stephens shot and killed himself.