NIAGARA FALLS, NY - The City of Niagara Falls is putting more surveillance cameras in crime hotspots and reprogramming others that haven't worked in the past.

City officials say nine stationary cameras throughout the city are being turned back on some of them are along Pine Avenue here and several city parks. This has been a process that the city has been undertaking since last year. 

"We just want to make sure that we're holding people accountable and we see a camera system as a deterrent," said Nick Melson, the city administrator.
In addition to the nine stationary cameras, Niagara Falls is turning back on, the city is also placing three mobile cameras throughout the city, that can be moved whenever police feel it's necessary.
"And actually these, our crime fighters, our officers, are able to pull up the video live in real time on their cell phones they can monitor a camera at anytime," Melson said.
Niagara Falls police superintendent Brian DalPorto tweeted the installation of one of these cameras earlier this week by DPW crews, city officials say they won't reveal where the mobile cameras are being put.
REPORTER: What would be your explanation to taxpayers who obviously have foot the bill for these cameras, but can't know where they are?
"It's a deterrent, we are deploying these cameras so we can bring down crime," Melson said, "if residents have questions or concerns about cameras in their neighborhood, they can give us a call at anytime 286-4320 and we'd be happy to talk to them about it but, we can't tip off the bad guys, areas that you've seen as crime problem areas illegal dumping areas those are the candidates for where we put those."
Melson did not have exact dollar amounts of the cameras. Those nine stationary cameras, the city hopes to have all of them fixed by the summer. Melson says there are plans in the works to possibly add 22 more stationary cameras throughout the city.