LACKAWANNA, N.Y. -- Lackawanna Police say a mother has been charged after her five-year-old child was found wandering alone in a street.

According to the police report, Lackawanna Police received a call from a woman who found a five-year-old wandering alone on Franklin Street. The child had no shoes or socks, and his diaper was soiled and sagging, according to the officer.

A neighbor recognized the child, and pointed police to where the child lived. The report states that a strong smell of garbage emanated from the apartment. The officer repeatedly banged on the door, and it was answered by a three-year-old child wearing only a diaper. The mother of the children, Amanda R. Mead, 26, was found sleeping on a bed with a 17-year-old male. The officer had to repeatedly shake Mead to wake her. The officer states in the report that Mead had no idea where her child was, of why police were in her apartment. The children were turned over to Child Protective Services.

Mead is charged with two counts of acting in a manner injurious to a child less than 17-years-old.