BUFFALO, NY-- A Buffalo man accused of shooting eight people and killing two is found guilty by a judge.

Diamond Lewis, 19 was found guilty of murder, attempted murder and assault Friday in Erie County Court. Investigators say Lewis shot eight people at four different locations in Buffalo. Two of those victims died.

"This one individual negatively affected a lot of lives throughout the community," said Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown when Lewis was arrested in March.

The first homicide took place October 14, 2014. The victim, David Skipper, Jr., 22, was shot on Erb Street.

The second homicide occurred on Warren Street June 6, 2015. Alonzo Scott, 18, was one of five people shot that day. Scott died, and another man was paralyzed.

On August 13, 2015, Lewis is alleged to have fired several shots from a vehicle at Playter and Kent Streets in Buffalo, targeting a man, but striking the 18-year old female bystander.

Officials say a 13-year-old girl was shot on January 25, 2016 on Fillmore Avenue when Lewis allegedly fired into a group of people.

Police say the shootings were gang inspired, and that Lewis shot innocent bystanders. Buffalo Police say they tracked Lewis down at ECMC earlier this year, where Lewis went to get treatment for a superficial gunshot wound.

Erie County's acting district attorney Michael Flaherty credits witnesses and victims for coming forward.

"In this case, we were fortunate that we had witnesses, who were willing to explain to the police what they knew and then come to court and testify and without witness cooperation we're not standing here today," Flaherty said.

Five victims testified against Lewis. And, investigators say they found Lewis' DNA on one gun he used. His attorneys say they plan to appeal the conviction.

Lewis will be sentenced December 8 at 9:30 a.m.

Police said back in March, they are still looking for information related to the crimes Lewis is accused of -- they say there could be others he allegedly conspired with. If you have any information police urge you to give them a call, you can leave them an anonymous tip.

Members of both the Skipper and Lewis families were in court Friday. The Skipper family praised the judge's verdict, saying they've now gotten justice.