BUFFALO, N.Y. - Jameca Price (Gates) was last seen alive on a Tuesday and two days later on Thanksgiving, her body was discovered inside her estranged husband's apartment in Atlanta, Georgia.

The family is still awaiting the exact cause of death. The 37-year-old woman was married to Orlando Price for 16-years. According to her sisters, the couple met while working in Buffalo, New York at a collection agency.

Buffalo Police and nearby police agencies have been alerted that Orlando Price is on the run. He is wanted for questioning by Georgia authorities for the death of Jameca.

In an interview with 2 On Your Side's Claudine Ewing, the victim's sisters talked about the domestic violence Jameca endured. Last summer at a family reunion, Jameca revealed how her marriage was far from perfect.
"She was like you guys have no idea how this man has put me through hell and she said whatever we did know, it was 10-times worse," said Janese Gates-McDaniel, sister of the victim.

The family was not completely shocked about Orlando's behavior. "I told my sister, he's crazy, I believe he's a type of person that will do something to you and then do something to himself, and she would just laugh it off and say he's not that crazy," according to her sister Shawntre Allison.

2 On Your Side's Claudine Ewing reported on a case in 2003 involving Orlando Price. Erie County Sheriff's Air One searched for him by air after he was checked by Canadian customs and a warrant came back. He was wanted for a murder in Atlanta. He was eventually charged and found not guilty.

As he attempted to cross the border from New York into Canada, he fled on foot. In the process he climbed over a wall near the gorge in Niagara Falls and mixed in with the general population. He was eventually found hiding out in a hotel on Lundy's Lane in Canada.

Jameca Price was a realtor in Atlanta and awaiting the results of her bar exam. Her family said she loved life and loved her family. She leaves behind two daughters.

Now her relatives in the Buffalo-area say they are fearful that Orlando may have returned to the area.

Jameca filed for divorce over the summer, and had a court date the day before thanksgiving so she could travel to Buffalo with the children. According to her relatives, Orlando did not want her to take the children out of town.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Orlando Price should immediately call police.