BUFFALO, NY - Juan Rodriguez is described as the typical 11-year old. He likes to play Juan Rodriguez is a kid who likes to play, he cares for people and he's a bundle of joy. Now he's fighting for his life after he was caught in crossfire.

Wednesday night on Humason Avenue, bullets were flying. Buffalo Police believe it was a gang-related shooting. A 20-year old man was shot and remains in critical condition. Police believe he was the intended target.

The child shot was inside his home with his mother when gunshots were heard. He opened the door for his siblings to come in and be safe. He's being called a hero for that, but while being a hero, a bullet struck him in the forehead.

"I grabbed towels to put on my baby's head to hold him and he grasped one breath of air and when he did that he started moving," said his mother, Sonia Pagan.

A trail of blood on the sidewalk remains. Cars and trucks have shattered windows and homes have bullet holes.

Juan Rodriguez, a seventh-grade student at Math, Science, Technology Preparatory School in Buffalo, will turn 12 on July 1. His mother said he has no functions on the left side of his body. He remains in critical condition in the Intensive Car Unit at Erie County Medical Center.

The violence has his mother hurting and angry. "It keeps going in a circle and going in a circle, they don't have no respect for life, they don't care about nothing. This world is so damn chaotic, it's crazy."

The family wants people who know something to speak out and tell police. "It's not about you being a snitch, it's about you doing what's right. We ask you do what's right and call the police tipline,"said Tylor Rodriguez.

The number to call is (716) 847-2255.