BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Buffalo Police say they have a person in custody in connection with the apartment building fire on Lafayette Avenue this weekend.

33-year-old Jonathan Jimenez is accused of setting the fire.

He is being held without bail on five charges, including arson and burglary, along with three lesser charges.

Deputy Fire Commissioner Vincent Muscarella did not offer much detail on Jiminez' arrest but did say, "There’s surveillance of that gentleman entering the building and exiting the building several minutes before the fire was started.”

Jiminez is due back in court Friday morning.

Reportedly some 90 people were forced from their apartments following the early Saturday morning fire. Due to the size and design of the building, it took firefighters several hours to battle the fire. Damage to the building is extensive.

While all residents were evacuated safely, three city fire-fighters did suffer minor injuries battling the blaze.

photo by J.T. Messinger