ORLEANS COUNTY, N.Y. -- An Orleans County Correction Officer received the highest honor from the New York State Senate for preventing a kidnapping last year.

State Senator Rob Ortt presented Correction Officer Tommy Brice with the New York State Senate Liberty Medal.

Brice is credited with potentially saving the life of a 16-year-old girl in Albion in May of 2016.

When he stopped to get gas, he noticed the girl walking down the street with an older man trying to talk to her. That's when Brice says his dad instincts kicked in.

"Saw a man following a girl and at first it didn't seem like anything. When I looked again, it just seemed like she was distressed and he seemed a little, you know, creepy," says Officer Brice. "I personally don't like all of the attention, but I think it's important to let everybody know that not all correction officers are bad and, you know, we do do good things."

When Brice started talking to the girl, she started crying. Brice called police who found four knives lined up on the bed of the man's hotel room. The man confessed to police that he planned on kidnapping the teen.

Brice has been a correction officer for about seven years.