If you are looking for an excuse to eat out this weekend, look no further. Local Restaurant Week runs through Sunday and hundreds of eateries all over our area are offering special menus and prices.

Soho Burger Bar in downtown Buffalo is one of those spots.

Chef Ray Flor has been dishing up burgers and more in the Soho kitchen for about six years. They have been participating in local restaurant week for as long as he can remember.

"Well it's a great way to generate sales obviously but more importantly, it's a chance for us to get contact with people who haven't been here before," Flor said.

For those who have not been here before, Local Restaurant Week at Soho is a good reflection of their everyday menu.

Following the pricing guidelines set by Restaurant Week, $20.17 will get you the following:

"It will get you dinner for two," Flor explained. "It will get you either two burgers or a salad and a burger or two salads. [It will get you] a side to split, which would be zucchini corn fritters or the truffle tater tots or onion rings or fries or sweet fries."

They will also be offering a couple specials each day that patrons can pick from.

At Soho, the $20.17 also includes two drinks and two desserts, all of which can be enjoyed at dinner through the weekend or brunch on Sunday.

Check out Soho's menu here.

For a full list of restaurants participating in Local Restaurant Week, visit the LRW website.