October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Today Show surprised five women who are fighting or have fought breast cancer with a spa day.

Two of those women, Kate Backlas and Nancy Beicke, are daughter and mother and are from Western New York.

Backlas and Beicke live in Lancaster and were both diagnosed with breast cancer within just a few weeks of each other.

Nancy was diagnosed first, prompting Kate to get checked.

"When I was diagnosed, honestly, my first thought was how am I going to tell my mother," Backlas said. "She doesn't need this stress. She was just diagnosed herself."

Months of doctor's appointments and chemotherapy followed. No surprise, it was a tough time for the two.

In September, Kate heard about a Today Show contest for women with breast cancer, offering help like meals or a massage to make the battle a little more bearable.

Kate entered her mom for a manicure and pedicure, but what they got was a whole lot more.

"Little did she know that by nominating me, they wanted her too," Beicke said.

The Today Show producers discovered Kate and Nancy both had breast cancer. They decided to do more than a mani and fly them out to New York City, along with three other women, for a day of surprises. The first surprise: news anchor Hoda Kotb picking them up in a pink hummer.

"Why did you guys think you were coming here?" Kotb asked the five women.

"To tell our story on the show," Backlas responded.

"Ok," Kotb agreed, but went on. "You guys, more than anyone, deserved a break. You need to be pampered and polished so we are going to have a spa day. All of us."

The rooftop spa treatment at the W hotel was complete with facials, manis, pedis and massages from Hoda herself.

It is all a part of the Today Show's month-long special for breast cancer awareness, giving a break to women who deserve it.

"We are just two girls from Buffalo, who don't do anything, so to be able to go to New York City, meet all these people that we watch everyday on TV and to be pampered like we were...I didn't believe it was happening," Backlas recalled.

The Today Show surprise lasted one day, but these women said they will stay in contact forever.

A bond was created between the five because of their battle. They hope sharing their story encourages other women to get checked.

"People need to take the time to go get the mammogram or the sonogram to get checked out because you might not realize until it's too late," Backlas said.

As of about three weeks ago, doctor's tests show both Backlas and Beicke are cancer free.

If you missed the Today Show's story, you can watch it here.