These days, there's an app for almost everything including caring for your animal.

Gina Foster has a need for pet care. She works and travels often and does not like to leave her Chihuahua mix, Addy, alone.

"Usually I have my friends watch Addy but if we're all going out of town together, I really needed someone to be able to hang out with her and watch her," Foster said.

She did a quick search to see if there is a service, outside of a kennel, that could help her.

She found one in the app called Rover. The app offers several services, including overnight boarding or house sitting, drop-in visits, all-day care and dog walking.

"I was a little uneasy about it at first but especially with the way Melissa is, when I first started doing it, I was a little unsure about it but she sends picture updates," Foster explained.

Melissa Meyer is a freelance writer in Buffalo. She signed up to be a dog sitter on Rover about a year and a half ago.

She said she was looking to make some extra money, Rover allows her to set her own schedule, plus she loves animals.

"I can't believe I get paid for it sometimes because I'm like, this is awesome," Meyer said. "I just get to write and take care of animals."

Through the app, Foster can GPS track their walks. She can also get updates and pictures.

Meyer said she handles sometimes as many as 10 clients a day, though just to be clear, Rover is not just for dogs.

"There was an iguana one time, cockroaches...two tanks of African cockroaches I believe they were," Meyer explained. "Ya, I was a little scared at first."

As far as cost, it depends on the service and the animal but all transactions are done through the app.

All potential Rover candidates go through a background check.

You can learn more about Rover, either using or working for the service on their website.

There are similar pet-care-service apps like Wag.