WEST SENECA, NY-- A West Seneca couple began fostering kids this past July and discovered something commonly missing when the kids walked through their door.

All the kids' stuff was thrown in a garbage bag instead of a suitcase for the move.

"Both sets of kids that came to me came with their stuff in garbage bags and it really just broke my heart," Rachel Baksa, the foster mom, said.

Children in foster care regularly move, without much notice, and their stuff is often misplaced or lost in the process.

To carry it in a plastic bag is not much of an improvement, say the Baksa's.

"To have everything that they own thrown into a garbage bag," Jeff Baksa, the foster dad, began. "I mean it just kind of implies that they're not worth anything. And that's not the truth."

So with that, the Baksa's began "Luggage with Love of Western New York". The effort hopes to help foster kids carry their load a little easier.

The Baksa's bought a couple of small suitcases for the first two foster girls that left their house.

"They were like 'ahhh! is that for us?'," Rachel recalled. "It was just like this big thing and it really wasn't a big thing to me but to them it really was."

They have hundreds of members in their Facebook group and have collected nearly 30 suitcases.

Just one possession to ease each transition.

"We can't help what they come with or what it is in but we can help what they leave with," Rachel said.

If you'd like to help "Luggage with Love" you can donate gently used luggage at the West Seneca Town Hall or the Pediatric and Adolescent Urgent Care Centers.

If you'd like to donate money for the purchase of luggage, you can donate on their website.