LOCKPORT, NY – As might be expected, Republican Western New York Congressman Chris Collins said President Trump did the right thing in withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Accord.

“I believe in human behavior having an impact on the environment and climate, of course,” said Collins.

However, Collins says the globally endorsed treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions wasn’t fair to the U.S., which has already reduced emissions far more than emerging industrial nations.

“A 20% percent reduction for China is easy to do and not very costly, but a 20 percent reduction for the United States would be very costly,” Collins said. “We (already) have clean water, we have clean air, and of course we want that to continue.”

Speaking of the environment, Collins continues to blame the International Joint Commission Plan 2014 which raised water levels in Lake Ontario, causing the flooding now occurring along its south shoreline.

He also eschews the insistence by the IJC that the flooding is due particularly to large amounts of rain which has fallen throughout the Great Lakes Basin this spring.

“Of course they are saying that. They got caught in exactly what we predicted,” said Collins.

On the President’s budget, Collins said that it made cuts “that I certainly do not support and would never support, such as Great Lakes restoration funds, community development block grants, and HEAP funding.”

But he also reminded that while the President’s budget provides a blueprint for spending, Congress controls the purse strings.