Buffalo, NY - South Buffalo took the brunt of the Friday afternoon storm front with some trees snapped like toothpicks from the wind and others broken after lightning strikes. On Friday Evening there was cleanup but also some folks still assessing the damage and just shaking their heads.

Utility crews were trying to finish up with repairs for the hundreds of people who lost power as lines went down.

Some city crews were out cleaning up the downed limbs and making sure no streets were blocked.

But there were also repairs of another sort with some patching of ripped off siding for the Remoleno street home of Mark Ruff. He saw the storm hit and then saw the impact on his home, a neighboring home, and a car in the driveway. He recalls "I was out helping a neighbor carry in her groceries and I heard cracking off in the distance and 20 minutes...I went to the neighbors house and told them to the put the windows down And I never saw trees bend like that before."

Then over on nearby Dash Street we found a house with a tree on the front porch and a neighbor who wasn't home at the time but not believing what he saw later. Matt Cole said "I came home and I got out of my car and I was like this is insane. I guess lightning hit that tree that's down there. That's all we had...kinda lucky but I thought this other tree was gonna down cause it's leaning."

2 On Your Side told city crews who said they would be checking out the house. Further down the street on Nash there was another indication of the force of the storm. Arlen Vinters says his girlfriend ran into a closet with her dog as she saw the storm approach and he came home to find roof and window damage at his house.

"I got shingles hanging here from my window and inside my screen. And I got a pile of shingles over here that I found in my yard."

Some of those shingles apparently came from the house across the street. Resident Joseph Szczygiel says "The wind picked up so hard it lifted all the shingles, tar paper and some of metal flashing at the edge and just threw it right up over and it went into that house into the window. Some of it's still stuck in there."

Joseph said he was worried about his neighbor when the roof damage happened. "I tried knocking on his door a couple of times and I couldn't get him. We pointed out he was watching out for neighbor...that's the important thing...Yes."