CLARENCE, NY — Middle school students Madi Enser and Emily Kreher were so moved by the images of devastation in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Mexico that they decided they needed to somehow help the victims of the recent natural disasters in those areas.

The pair has been members of the Clarence Service Club for three years. The group finds a way to give back to their school and to the Western New York community, but they couldn't ignore the need far away from home.

"These people are going without school, without power, and without their way of life as they knew it. It hurt just seeing that. That's not how a person is supposed to live," Enser said.

"It looks so awful. It doesn't happen here in Buffalo, so we really don't know what it's like. When you try to imagine, it's terrifying. It makes you feel lucky," Kreher said.

Kreher belongs to Clarence United Methodist Church, which is organizing a disaster relief supply drive. She decided to piggyback off that drive and get students and teachers involved.

Enser volunteered to make a video to drum up support for the drive instead of your ordinary poster hanging in the hallway.

Enser spent several hours writing and editing, and the final project aired for the first time Friday morning during the middle school's newscast. The video was narrated by local radio personality Nicholas Picholas, who is a family friend of the Ensers.