BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Each week, we introduce you to a City Shaper -- someone or a group of people making waves in Western New York's business or not-for-profit communities. This week, 2 On Your Side's Kelly Dudzik tells us about a growing sales staff that just moved into a new space in Buffalo.

When you are at Canalside this summer, you'll notice that there is a new tenant on the first floor of the Buffalo News building -- the Inside Sales Team.

"We were looking for room to grow. We had grown a couple of times in the Tri-Main. Loved the Tri-Main. But were looking to kind of get down into this Canalside area. We love the energy down here. The Pegulas have done so many cool things, and obviously, others have invested, so the energy is really good," says Inside Sales Team President and General Manager Marijke Kemble.

That's exactly the kind of energy Kemble wants the Inside Sales Team to have. Her staff of around 65 employees works with more than twenty businesses.

"We work with companies from all around the country and all around the world to help them cultivate new business. And what that really means is that we usually are setting appointments for their dedicated sales people in-house to build pipeline and hopefully grow revenue," says Kemble.

Kemble says Buffalo is ideal for what her team does.

“What we like to say is that we're West Coast cool and East Coast clutch. And it's this idea that we're forward thinking in our technology mindset, we're trying to innovate all the time, we're really emphasizing creativity, but we're really hardworking and we've got a lot of grit," says Kemble.

Since opening in 2010, several team members have been promoted multiple times.

"I've just been able to grow, and learn, and gain experience from everyone around us. I mean, the culture is so great. It's easy to walk up to anybody and just ask a question and get immediate feedback," says Team Lead and Sales Development representative Lisa Muldowney.

A lot of importance is placed on work-life balance. The company just started the option of leaving for the day on Fridays at 11:45. And, employees work what's called a sprint schedule -- an hour of intense work followed by a 15 minute break.

"What you're seeing around you is sort of our typical break activities which are ping pong games. We have ping pong tournaments that are very popular, we just got corn hole in, and obviously, people take walks around and outside as well," says Kemble.

Kemble says this all helps to boost productivity, and she plans on hiring twelve people at the end of June and at least five people a month for the rest of the year.

"Although we are a call center, we're spread out, we like to talk to each other, we like to cheer for each other, we like to have fun," says Customer Success Manager Christopher Moscato.

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