Buffalo, NY - As the Buffalo Police Department struggles with a very large number of unsolved murder cases, the families of the victims feel lingering pain and frustration. A newly published newsletter from the office of Common Council President Darius Pridgen now focuses on 26 of those cases. Those families are hoping it helps bring about some resolution with tips from the public.

Samuel Radford IV says "It's like a heavy burden or load that you just can't rid of. I looked at him more like a son than a Godson because he actually looked up to me."

Those feelings and thoughts that Samuel Radford IV and his wife Carolyn have regarding 19 year old Dekhym Reese who was fatally shot back on January 19th...Martin Luther King day in 2015 at the Shaffer Village Housing Complex...in Riverside.The young man about to begin a new job after graduation but tragically lost like so many others profiled in this newsletter.

Carolyn Radford who is his godmother says "If I had a bad day he could come and just put a smile on my face. It's just like every child...they have their setbacks at times but Dekhym...he always tried to make better of himself."

His case remains open and it's hard for them to understand why a police investigation and surveillance cameras in the complex haven't so far determined his killer. Radford says "His mother as well...she's not getting any answers. I think it needs to be more done about it."

They feel the newsletter from Council President Pridgen represents something more.

"He's bringing this to the light. Let you know like this is important. This is something we need to do...something that needs to get done."

And realizing that sometimes cooperation from the public can help solve unsolved cases Samuel Radford IV makes this plea "Our kids are dying in these streets and what are we doing about it? Sitting back looking at it on social media. Sitting back talking to our friends about it. No. Let's step up and be the adults that we are for our community and our city. Let;s do this from the bottom of our hearts. If you have any information on any of the homicide victims...not just this one. Any of them. I don't care if it's something that happened 15 years ago, if it happened last night...step up. Be a man. Be a woman. Be a parent...all in all. Because if it was your child, you'd want somebody to do something for you."

Another woman...Lucrecia Watkins...who's son Alvin Ross McDowell Jr.is also profiled told 2 On Your Side she also hopes the newsletter will yield information on these cases. There may be a digital version of the newsletter as well.