BUFFALO, N.Y. - Citizens Bank says a "vendor processing issue" was delaying postings of transaction for all of its customers.

Translated, if a bank customer set-up direct deposit of their paycheck with Citizens, for awhile this morning it was a no-show. That's what happened to Maria Friend of Buffalo.

"This morning I went to check my bank account because Fridays I get paid every other week. When I went in, I noticed I had substantially less than I should have and I noticed my check hadn’t gone through,” says Friend.

Worse, through Citizens Bank's website, Friend had set-up automatic payments for her college loans. Minus the directly deposited check, the payments were made driving her account into the red.

“I got a few fees. I saw them when the website was working earlier but the website’s not working now. I may have more. They may have removed them. I don’t know,” says Friend.

She couldn't check anymore. Citizens Bank's mobile app wasn't working either.

The first acknowledgement of the issue was when Citizens Bank tweeted: "Customers are seeing a delay in transactions posting to their accounts due to a vendor processing issue. This is affecting multiple financial institutions. We appreciate the patience of our customers as we work to resolve this situation."

2 On-Your-Side believes the "vendor" Citizens Bank was referencing is First Data Corporation out of suburban Atlanta. The company with almost $12-billion in business helps banks with e-commerce, including ATM transaction as well as on-line and mobile banking.

First data did not respond to our questions about its services.

By late morning, Citizens Bank announced its problem had been fixed, but did not offer a more thorough explanation as to what happened.

There was good news for bank customers like Maria Friend. A spokeswoman says any bank fees that occurred as a result of the glitch should be reversed by Saturday morning.